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Join AUVSI in the Northwest through Membership in AUVSI Cascade

From the greater Northwest (even beyond Oregon and Washington) and not already a member of AUVSI?  Please join the two-time "National Chapter of the Year" as an individual or corporate member of Cascade Chapter.  By doing so, you'll be part of the vibrant and exciting unmanned systems and robotics community here in the region.  Members get special reduced rates on our conference registration fees for our twice yearly main events, chapter newsletters detailing news of the industry in the region, invitations to networking events in Oregon and Washington and access to all the benefits our international AUVSI organization provides members.  If you're an INDIVIDUAL and wish to join, please click the following link and make sure you affiliate with the Cascade Chapter:


If you're a COMPANY considering joining AUVSI, please let a Cascade Chapter Board Member know so we can set up a call with the national representatives to facilitate the process at your convenience.  By doing so, if your organization joins AUVSI, the Cascade Chapter will receive a chapter rebate which will help sustain our chapter initiatives here in the Northwest, especially our highly acclaimed STEM initiatives that support students of all levels in their unmanned systems and robotics learning activities and competitions.  To get started, simply email Chapter President Tom Hagen at tom.hagen375@gmail.com for more information.


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About Cascade Chapter

Our AUVSI Cascade Chapter is one of 39 chapters of AUVSI worldwide and represents the states of Oregon and Washington with a growing membership of over 400 companies and individuals.  Established in 2009, the Cascade Chapter has grown rapidly while serving our members through our triad of advocacy, community and education endeavors.  First, our advocacy consists of efforts to drive positive regulatory changes at the local, state, regional and national levels that will best serve development of the unmanned systems and robotics industry.  Our Board of Directors  and members engage with government officials to inform and counsel them about the impacts of local ordnances as well as state and federal legislation.  Our directors are often called upon to support regional conferences and panels as authoritative voices on the state and needs of the industry.  As the second part of the triad, our community approach is clearly evident in our chapter’s focused events designed to help create connections and business opportunities for our members, enabling them to network with regional leaders and professionals in business, government and academia working in this exciting industry.  Finally and importantly, our chapter has prioritized education initiatives to include providing members with news of critical industry regulatory actions, publishing timely updates on the latest advancements in technology, and supporting STEM initiatives with chapter grants ranging from elementary education to graduate research.  Our industry-leading chapter initiatives have distinguished us as a two-time “AUVSI Chapter of the Year” – a testimonial to our clear focus on representing our membership in the Northwest.

The Cascade Chapter hosts two major events each year, one in Oregon in the Fall, and another in the Puget Sound region of Washington in the Spring.  Additional networking events or co-hosted events round out our calendar of opportunities for our members to participate with an ever-increasing population of industry followers.